Prerequisite Requirements: B.S. Programs

Area I. Written Composition (6 hours)
English Composition - EH 101, 102 (6)
Area II. Humanities and Fine Arts (12 hours)
Literature1 (3)
Fine Arts elective (3)
Electives1 (6)
Area III. Natural Sciences and Mathematics (11 hours)
Precalculus Trigonometry - MA 106 (3)
Intro Chemistry Sequence - CH 105/106 lab, 107/108 lab (8)
Area IV. History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences (12 hours)
History1 (3)
Electives1 (9)
Area V. Preprofessional, Major, and Elective Courses
Pathophysiology- BY 216 (3)
Medical Terminology for Health Professionals (AHS 350) (3)
Human Anatomy and Human Physiology - BY 115, 1162 (8)
Statistics - MA 180 (3)
College Physics - PH 201, 2023 (8)

1A 6-semester hour sequence either in literature or in history is required. If a second literature is chosen, it will apply as 3 of the elective hours in Area II Humanities and Fine Arts; if a second history is chosen, it will apply as 3 of the elective hours in Area IV History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences.

2Acceptable substitutes for human physiology: Comparative Animal Physiology, Mammalian Physiology.

3Physics for Technologists (NMT 304) offered by UAB/SHRP for 8 semester hours may be substituted for the Physics sequence.

A person who holds a baccalaureate degree and wishes to become a nuclear medicine technologist will be considered for the 16-month period of professional study. Prerequisites for such persons include the equivalent of the courses in Natural Sciences and Mathematics under Area III and Area V of the UAB/Program Core Curriculum and the other admission requirements. The bachelor of science degree and a baccalaureate certificate of completion are awarded upon completion of the NMT curriculum.