The following skills are needed by applicants to the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program. Applicants and students should possess these abilities, or with the help of compensatory techniques and/or assistive devices, be able to demonstrate the ability to become proficient.


Manual dexterity: Use of extremities for patient care purposes
wrists (both) grasping pulling twisting                              
hands (both) fingering holding (rotation)                        
arms (both) pushing extending cutting
Sensation: palpation auscultation percussion
capable of heraring voices of normal range in the presence of background noise
Visual Perception: depth acuity (corrected to 20/40)
ability to distinguish shades of gray/color
Physical Strength: to support another person
to position another person
to transfer/ambulate with walker, cane, crutches, bed, wheelchair
to stand for long periods of time
to perform CPR; resuscitation
to walk at a rapid pace for eight hours
Ability to operate and maintain equipment (eg., nuclear medicine instrumentation, ventilator, electronic monitor, etc.
Interpersonal skills: able to function (consult, negotiate, share) as part of a team
able to use oral communication skills
able to respond to others' requests
willing to accept direction and supervision
perform duties while under stress
Students requesting disability accommodations must do so by filing a disability accommodation request with the UAB Disability Services Office.