Application Deadline: September 1 for the CASPA Application

September 7 for the Supplemental Application

Admission Requirements:

  • Baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited college/university
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test scores from the Verbal, Quantitative and Analytic sections. Applicants with advanced degrees whose GRE scores are older than 5 years (i.e. the time limit that ETS will send scores) can request the PA program to consider dated scores if the applicant can provide documentation of their GRE scores directly from the institution they attended. The documentation should be sent directly from the student's graduate degree institution to the PA Admissions office prior to the Sept. 1st deadline for application evaluation.  Please note that recent GRE scores often make applicants with an advanced degree more competitive than applicants with an advanced degree that do not have recent GRE scores. Furthermore, as with all applicants, the UAB admissions review committee could still determine that the applicant should retake the GRE and reapply the next application cycle.
  • A minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0 (A = 4.0)
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 in natural science courses
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in the program prerequisite courses, with a minimum grade of C in each
  • Technical ability to complete the program (see Essential Requirements and Technical Standards below)
  • Interview with faculty
  • Satisfactory screening on health data questionnaire by the UAB Medical Center Student Health Service.
  • The following prerequisites:

3-4 semester hours of biology I (lab preferred)
3-4 semester hours of biology II (lab preferred)
3-4 semester hours of microbiology (lab preferred)
3-4 semester hours of human anatomy
3-4 semester hours human physiology (UAB BY 116 or BY 409)
8-9 semester hours of general chemistry (labs preferred)
3-4 semester hours of statistics (upper level, population, and/or health-related with lab preferred)
9 semester hours of psychology (general, developmental, abnormal)

Credit for Prior Learning or Experience

Credit is not offered for prior experiential learning or prior course work (the Program does not offer advanced placement).  Furthermore, credit is not offered for courses provided by another physician assistant program.  No student may omit or waive any of the required clinical year rotations.

Applicants are evaluated on the following criteria:

Academics - Overall GPA, Science GPA, Prerequisite Grades and GRE Scores.
Clinical Experience - Although not required for admission into the program, experience in health care settings, (providing direct patient care and/or surgical experience) is considered in the application score.
Personal statement - Applicants are evaluated on the quality of their personal statement.
Letters of support - Three (3) letters of support are reviewed and considered.

The PA Program is committed to recruiting and matriculating minority and disadvantaged students for careers as physician assistants.

Listed below are the midrange scores of students admitted into the program. These scores are provided so that applicants can assess their competitiveness.

PA-GRE Scores


Application Procedure:

This program participates in the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA). Please consult for more information regarding specific CASPA application requirements, procedures and fees. The CASPA application needs to be completed by September 1 the year prior to admission. Applicants should send all application materials directly to CASPA.  Applicants should use GRE Code 0570 when sending GRE scores to CASPA. CASPA will verify the application information and send completed applications to the program.

After completing the CASPA application the applicant should complete the UAB PA Supplemental Application. Following the program’s receipt of the CASPA application, official GRE scores, and UAB SPA Supplemental Application, the UAB PA Program will review the packet.

Completed applications are reviewed by members of the admissions committee. Approximately 100 of the best applicants are selected to interview. Interviews are held in November - January. Admissions decisions are finalized in February. Students who are accepted to the Physician Assistant program will need to complete the UAB Graduate School application.

Admissions Timeline

      • September - December: Application review
      • November – January: Interviews
      • February: Admissions decisions finalized
      • February - March: Admitted and waitlisted students complete the UAB Graduate School Application

Estimated Fees Related to Admissions:

  • CASPA Application $135.00 (for one program.
  • UAB PA Supplemental Application $25.00
  • UAB Graduate School Application $40.00
  • UAB PA Deposit $300.00: for those accepted into the program.  The deposit is applied towards tuition in the first semester of the program. The deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited by the applicant in the event that he/she does not enroll and attend the UAB PA program.
  • Other expenses to anticipate
    • GRE preparation and examination
    • The cost of sending transcripts to CASPA and UAB.

Essential Functions