GC Advisory Board

The genetic counseling program’s advisory board includes members of the School of Medicine and the School of Health Professions at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. This group of academic leaders provides input and oversight to the program’s development and implementation.

R. Lynn Holt, MS, CGC
Joseph Biggio, MD
Meagan Cochran, MS, CGC
Maria Descartes, MD
Jose Fernandez, PhD
Christina Barger Hurst, MS, CGC
Bruce Korf, MD, PhD
Katie Rutledge, MS, CGC
Holly Zimmerman, MS, CGC (University Medical Center of Jackson, Mississippi)
Robin Allison Collins, March of Dimes State Director of Program Services and Public Affairs
Kelly East, MS, CGC (Hudson Alpha Institute, Education Outreach)
Mary Laura Stagno, Consumer Representative

We also have additional committees organized to provide structure and guidance to different areas of the program.  These include:

Curriculum Committee

  • Charge: Oversee and balance student classroom experience, with attention to content, competencies, and goals.

Graduate Project and Clinical Experience Committee

  • Charge: Develop and monitor protocols for student Plan II projects and for student clinical rotations

Student Services Committee

  • Charge: Oversee admissions of incoming students and current student policy