Cytotechnology Program Review Course Level IV

Registration fee: $1800.00 (for the 4 week session)

CEUs: 16


This training module is designed as a refresher for cytotechnologists who have been out of the field for greater than six years and who wish to get back into the work place. Lectures will include basic anatomy, cytology and histology of the female genital tract, hormone related changes, microorganisms, benign cellular changes, epithelial lesions, malignancies, cytopreparation techniques, regulatory issues and a review of the Bethesda system. Registrants will be provided with lectures, color plate sessions, glass slide study sets and unknown slide boxes. The course instructor will be available to review the slides on a one-on-one basis. Registrants will have access to the Program’s reading materials.


The registrant will:

Refresh his/her knowledge of GYN cytology

Review known study sets and render a diagnosis before reviewing the answer

Read and mark unknown slides and render a diagnosis

Be prepared to discuss their answers with the course instructor

Be better prepared to re-enter the work force