Whether uncovering diseases such as diabetes and cancer, typing patients and blood products for transfusion, or determining what bacteria is causing a patient’s infection and which antibiotic will be most effective, Clinical Laboratory Scientists provide critical information in all areas of health and medicine. 

Clinical Laboratory Scientists perform a full array of complex tests in six major areas of the laboratory including

·  Chemistry

·  Immunohematology  

·  Hematology 

·  Immunology

·  Microbiology

·  Molecular Diagnostics

The results generated aid in making a clinical diagnosis, adjusting treatment, and developing management plans for those in need.  The practice of modern medicine would be close to impossible without the valuable information provided by these professionals.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Clinical Laboratory Technology as the number three best career in healthcare and The Wall Street Journal has found that Medical Technology is the eighth most employable major.  

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