The UAB Genetic Counseling program has incorporated a unique curriculum designed to prepare students to be competitive and successful genetic counselors.  In addition to core classes designed to teach genetic counseling skills and medical genetics, our curriculum includes unique opportunities to learn phlebotomy skills, Spanish for medical professionals, research and laboratory genetic counseling skills, and much more.  Our students all complete a plan II project where they are able to design and implement a project of interest and contribute to the field.  Our setting is also designed with access to many facilities at UAB, including options for on-site and off-site rotation sites and laboratory experiences.

UAB Student Life

Dodgeball Intramural Team

GC Dodgeball Team

Graduate Student Research Days Awards 2015

2015 GSRD

Birmingham Pride

GCSips and Strokes

"Extraordinary Measures" Discussion

Extraordinary Measures Discussion

Dinner at Surin

dinner at Surin7 dec 2012

NSGC Conference, Reunion

NSGC 2012

Polycystic Kidney Disease Walk

PKD Walk 2012

Class of 2013 Birmingham Barons Game

Class of 2013 at Barons game

Book Club

HeLa Book Club 2011

GC Graduates


Field Trip to Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology

Hudson Alpha1.1

GC Student Presentations

NF Day 2011 Sam A pedigree poster

NSGC Conference

NSGC 2011.6

Relay for Life - Top Fundraisers

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GC Student Room

photo in student room

GC Teaching in Community

Sam and Book Discussion 2011 3

Graduate Project Award

Beek and Mentor Graduate Research Day

Graduate Student Research Days Awards 2013

Winners GSRD 2013

Project Day

Project Day