Mercy Hospital

Erin Beaver, MS, CGC

St. Louis University School of Medicine

Rachael Bradshaw, MS, CGC

Ashely McElheny, MS, CGC

Welcome To Our New Students


GC EcklHannah Eckl

Birmingham native Hannah Eckl earned a B.S. in Biology from UAB. Her interests include Birmingham Crisis Center volunteer counselor, UAB Hospital volunteer, Callahan Eye Hospital technician, Camp Winnatoska staff member, Links-Up mentor for inner city children. Shadowed genetic counselors in cancer and general genetics clinics.

GC MorganJenny Morgan

Birmingham native Jenny Morgan earned a B.S. in Education from Auburn University and an M.S. in Medical Science from UAB. Her interests and volunteer efforts include volunteer crisis counselor, mathematics writer and editor, tutor, academic support specialist and teacher, community outreach development program coordinator and instructor, math and science teacher.

GC PerryTabby Perry

Pensacola, Florida native Tabby Perry earned a B.S. in Biology from the University of South Alabama. Her interests and volunteer efforts include Biology 101 teaching assistant, undergraduate researcher (PCRbased production of microRNA sponges), volunteer for Girls Exploring Math and Science (GEMS), Relay for Life committee member. Completed prenatal genetic counseling internship at Sacred Heart Hospital, shadowed in pediatric and cancer genetics.

GC ShapiroRebecca Shapiro

Kalamazoo, Michigan native Rebecca Shapiro earned a B.A. in Biology from Kalamazoo College. Her interests and volunteer efforts include undergraduate teaching assistant, research assistant at Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Kalamazoo College and Wayne State University, Gryphon Place Crisis Intervention Call Center volunteer. Genetic counseling intern in cytogenetics, cancer and prenatal genetics.

GC ShawBrandon Shaw

Lawrenceville, Georgia native Brandon Shaw earned a B.S. in Spanish from the University of Georgia. His interests and volunteer efforts include primary science teacher at a British-Peruvian international school in Trujillo, Peru, English professor at Universidad Cesar Vallejo, Vive Peru volunteer (community outreach in areas of education, healthcare and mentoring). Genetic counseling shadowing experience.

GC StacyAndrea Stacy

Collierville, Tennessee native Andrea Stacy earned a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Louisiana State University. Her interests and volunteer efforts include teaching assistant in Dept. of Experimental Statistics, research assistant at LSU Museum of Natural Science, Memphis Crisis Center Hotline volunteer, residence life peer mentor. Shadowing experience in pediatric, prenatal, cancer, and pediatric cancer genetics.

GC WrightCaitlin Wright

Cartersville, Georgia native Caitlin Wright earned a B.S. in Biology from Kennesaw State University. Her interests and volunteer efforts include neurodevelopmental teacher for Jacob's Ladder (center for children with special needs), AID Atlanta (STD/AIDS Hotline) volunteer, camp counselor for children with muscular dystrophy. Gained shadowing experience in prenatal, cancer, and pediatric genetics.

These are the genetic counselors that work in Nashville and will be supervising UAB students. Please see a brief profile on each of them below that will list where they did their own graduate training and what their current area of practice is.

TN 01
TN 02

St. Jude

emily quinn
Emily Quinn, MS, CGC

rose mcgee
Rose McGee, MS, CGC

sara lewis
Sara Lewis, MS, CGC

kayla hamilton
Kayla Hamilton, MS, CGC

gina nuccio
Regina Nuccio, MS, CGC

Baptist Memorial

lorrell white
Lorrell White, MS, CGC

Andrew Bell, MS

LeBonheur Children’s Hospital

Roya picture
Roya Mostafavi, MS, CGC

Shannon Sattler, MS, CGC

West Cancer Clinic

rachel covington
Rachel Covington, MS, CGC

Lindsay Lipe, MS, CGC

Aimee Martin, MS, CGC

UAB Genetic Counseling Faculty Updates

  • We are thrilled to welcome Jessica Johnson Denton ('13) to our faculty as of January 2015. Jessica impressed us so much as a student that we recruited her back to UAB as an assistant professor.  Jessica has a full teaching load and helps with program administrative work as well. She is an enthusiastic addition, and we’re so happy to have her and her ideas on board!

  • We are pleased to announce successful certification of Catherine Potente (‘14), Aimee Brown, and Ashley Cannon (’15) and welcome them as new primary supervisors at UAB.

  • We are sad to announce that Meagan Cochran (’12) and Chandni Khudai have both accepted jobs elsewhere over the last year.  We wish them luck in their new jobs. You’ll find Meagan at Hudson Alpha in Huntsville (along with Whitley Kelley (‘15))and Chandni in Chicago!.

  • We are happy to welcome Dana Hollenbeck (‘13) downstairs into the UAB clinical genetic counseling group. The cytogenetics lab will miss her sorely! 

  • We are happy to welcome (back) our new Biochemical Laboratory Director, Dr. Daniel Sharer

  • We are excited to announce the birth of Joseph, born May 29, 2015 to proud parents Christina and Brian Hurst. Lots of pictures to be found on Facebook!

  • We are excited to announce the birth of Barrett, born May 6, 2015 to proud parents Fallon and Scott Brewer (and proud big sisters Presley and Chloe).

  • We are thrilled to welcome Ashley Cannon ('15) to our faculty as an instructor.

  • We are excited to announce a new partnership with Hudson Alpha, which will allow UAB students the opportunity to do a mini-rotation there over the summer.

EmilyBootheEmily Boothe was born and raised in Alabaster, Alabama (near Birmingham). She attended the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences where she earned her Master of Science in Genetic Counseling. She first lived in MS for undergrad at Mississippi State. Since then, she was back in Starkville for one year during her husband’s graduate school, came to Jackson for her summer GC clinical rotation at UMC, and then relocated for good in June of 2014 to work at UMC.  Emily’s interests include pediatric genetics, including our craniofacial multidisciplinary clinic. She also coordinates our telemedicine clinic, which currently sees mostly pediatric patients but also some cancer. Favorite foods include home-cooked meals made by her husband, especially country-fried steak, fried okra, barbeque, sweet potatoes, watermelon, and strawberry desserts. Since she is from the Birmingham area, Milo’s is one of her favorite restaurants! When asked what she loves about MS, she said the people. She added, “I first experienced the welcoming kindness and hospitality of MS residents on my tour of MSU, and these wonderful qualities have only continued. MS is where I have met my best friends, met my husband, got married, and made many more memories. Also, the South has the best food, hands down. I also enjoy many MSU sporting events.”

AdrewGunterAndrew Gunter is from the booming metropolis of Graniteville, SC.  He attended Clemson University for undergrad and then the GC Program at the University of South Carolina. After graduating, Andrew moved to Jackson in June 2014 to work at UMC.  His clinical interests are pediatric and prenatal genetics, and he currently works in multiple general genetics clinics and serves as the director for the multi-disciplinary 22q clinic at UMC, a monthly clinic that includes providers from eight medical disciplines to serve our 22q families.  Some of his favorite foods around Jackson include short ribs from Local463, cheese grits from Broad Street Bakery, and chicken salad from Beagle Bagel.  When asked about what he loves about the area, Andrew said, “Jackson is very similar to Columbia, SC, where I did my Master’s, and the transition to living here was very easy.  I quickly came to love the pace of the city, the people, and culture.”

LauraHendonLaura Hendon was born in Macon, Georgia but grew up outside of Washington, D.C. in Manassas, Virginia.  She moved to Mississippi in high school and essentially never left!  Laura went to undergrad at the University of Mississippi.  She later received her MA in Molecular Genetics and Genomics at Washington University in Saint Louis, followed by her MS in Genetic Counseling at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.  Laura has been a genetic counselor at UMMC for almost five years.  She recently transitioned to seeing prenatal patients full time.  Laura’s favorite foods include some of Jackson’s finest: tea cakes from Campbells Bakery and chicken-on-a-stick at Penn's.  When asked what she loves about MS, she said, “The people and the culture.  You'd be hard pressed to meet a stranger in Mississippi.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful.  In terms of Arts and Entertainment, Jackson has the same things as most big cities but it's less expensive and easily accessible.  I love the menagerie of people and cultures.  I have season tickets to our theatre and regularly visit the symphony, but I also volunteer at a horse farm.  There's something for everyone.”

UAB Genetic Counseling Alumni Updates

The UAB Genetic Counseling Alumni employment rate remains at 100%!

An updated list on where you can find your fellow Blazers is online at:


  • Dana Hollenbeck (‘13) has a major event happening in her life in May! She is soon to be Mrs. Matthew Goodloe. Congratulations on her engagement!


  • Ashley Runyon (‘15) also has news of an engagement!  We’re excited for her as she plans her wedding.


  • Emily Giles Wakefield (‘14) welcomed home Hazel (new puppy that her and Drew brought home this year). Emily is also an editor for the New Graduate column of Perspectives in Genetic Counseling.



  • Several of our alumni had posters at NSGC this year. Congrats to Barbara Fuller (‘15), Whitley Kelley (‘15), Rachel Covington (‘14), and Crescenda Williams (‘15) for jobs well done.


  • Allie Norse (‘13) has relocated to Portland, Oregon! We wish her congratulations on her new job, and hope we’ll get to see her at NSGC in Seattle next year!


  • We are glad that Robin Davis (‘14) isn’t far away. She’s working at Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham—congrats on her job!


Our Dearest Alumni,

We’re so sorry it’s been a while since you last heard from UAB
But we hope this holiday newsletter will fill you all with glee!
There’s so much to be excited about, it’s difficult to begin.
For now I’ll do my best to summarize what you’ll find within

First up, here’s an anniversary announcement to make some of us feel old
This Fall marked the 5th year GC students arrived at the Green and Gold

And how do we find these students to train with us each year?
Let me hit you with some admissions stats that will knock you on your rear:
We had about 30 more applicants than we had the year before
Which means 77 prospective GCs were knocking on our door

Faculty, staff, counselors and students all helped with recruitment endeavors
Interviews were a great success, despite some inclement weather

Now that I mentioned counselors and faculty, there are some updates there
We bid farewell to Meagan C. and Chandni, who took positions elsewhere
Dana H. moved downstairs to the clinic where she sees patients of all sorts
And Ashley C. is now on faculty seeing patients and researching with Dr. Korf

I’ve also joined the UAB team, as I’m sure most of you have guessed
My role is to teach and help Christina with projects, admin, and the rest.

Are you wondering if things have changed in the clinic besides personnel?
Well our GCs are more in demand than ever; there is so much to tell:
Pediatric cancer, fetal anomalies, telemedicine, and adult cardio
Are all clinics staffed by our counselors to which our students now can go!

Now to brag on you alumni, for all your undertakings and accolades
You’re degree of awesomeness is so great, I could go on for days:

You’ve all been busy advancing your careers, and making names for yourselves
Giving presentations, presenting posters, and publishing articles to fill our shelves 
Your accomplishments are many, and they make us so very proud
Thanks to you and your hard work, our program’s become well renowned.

Ok, now that I’ve tortured you enough with my rhymes so contrived
I’ll bring my prose to an end with an invitation to look inside.

So take the time to venture on, dear friends, for there’s much to read and see.
Farewell and Happy Holidays-signed your friends from UAB!

~ Jessica Johnson Denton, MS, CGC 
Assistant Professor, UAB GC Program