For over 35 years we have educated clinical, educational, and research leaders of tomorrow under the framework of our long-standing commitment to excellence in three core areas: teaching, research, and service.

Our department faculty has the educational preparation, clinical experience, research expertise, and national and international reputation to educate future leaders who will help shape the future of healthcare. We are housed in a state-of-the-art building with updated laboratory space, technology inspired classrooms, and expansive patient simulation equipment all within walking distance to the Lister Hill Library for the Health Sciences and major affiliated hospitals including the University Hospital, Children’s Hospital and others.

In this time of rapid change and uncertainty, one thing remains constant: We are focused on sustaining excellence in your education to enable you to realize your full potential as a professional.

Whether you have already decided the program that best fits your needs or are exploring opportunities available to you, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you and help guide you to your career of choice.

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Janelle M. Chiasera, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences