CLSSA decorated a van and drove/marched in
the Homecoming parade.  Betty and Maria
proudly led the way.

Jialian and Ameenah guarded the rear of the van.


CLSSA members also participated in the
Stompdown competition and did an amazing
 job with their skit and dancing!  They won third
place in the competition.  Here are Antwanece,
 Latoya, Laura, Destiny, Kimberly, Tonya, and
Errin before the competition and (below) getting
in one last practice.  Unfortunately, there is not
a picture of Bruce and the Time Machine!


The "stagehands"- Linda, Marissa, Marian,
and Kimberly.

CLSSA had a bake sale to raise money for their
 "Race for the Cure" team.  Here are Destiny, Errin,
 Maria and Eileen with their display.


Kimberly, Eileen, and Heather after completing
the 5K "Race for the Cure".

Students did a great job with their display
at the Commons during Lab Week.  Betty,
Kimberly, and Heather look proud of what they
have done.


Betty, Kimberly, and Eileen in front of Lab
Week display.

Eileen, Heather, and Kimberly ready to
greet interested students.


Into the Streets Fall 2008

Students painted a middle school weight room for their Into the Streets project.

clsstudents2 clsstudents1
clsstudents6 clsstudents8
clsstudents9 clsstudents10
Students planned a cookout to welcome everyone back to school for fall term and to meet new
MT/CLS students and their lab buddies.
clsstudents3 clsstudents4
clsstudents5 clsstudents11

Alla, Ashley, and Derek waiting to talk to new
UAB students about MT and CLSSA.


Ashley and Jessie did the display and organized
this event during National Medical Laboratory
Week to let students know about Medical Technology.  

Linda, Gene, Derek, and Ashley talked to student
before and after lunch about Medical Technology.


Ashley was ready to show interested students
Gram stains and blood smears under the microscope
and tell them about what Medical Technologists
do on the job.

Linda, Jessica, Shannon, and Janelle
after planting trees on southside.

CLSSA students participated in UAB Day for high school students and parents. CLSSA had a display showing
the purpose of the organization and information on what Clinical Laboratory Scientists do. CLSSA members did
a great job talking to students and answering questions.
clssa_uab_day_3_07 clssa_uab_day_1_07
clssa_uab_day_2_07 clssa_uab_day_4_07
clssa_into_the_streets_07 Several CLSSA students and faculty participated
in the Spring UAB community service project,
"Into the Streets". Our group did an assortment o
f activities including picking up trash on the streets,
painting houses, and cleaning up at the zoo.
CLSSA Cookout
Andy Farr cooked hamburgers and hotdogs
for students, faculty, and staff at the CLSSA
end of summer cookout at George Ward Park.
Good job Andy! The burgers were great and no
one got E. coli.
Shannon Davis and Terri Johnson "manned"
the CLSSA display during the last Transfer
Orientation of the summer.