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Associate Professor
1705 University Blvd.
SHPB 449
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Miscellaneous Information

Debra Laken is a faculty member for the Respiratory Therapy Program. She practiced respiratory therapy for eight years while working at HealthSouth Medical Center before joining the School of Health Professions. Ms. Laken has extensive clinical experience in critical care medicine and pulmonary function testing. Her current clinical practice is with the Lung Health Center where she works as a clinic/research coordinator on several lung studies. She performs spirometry, full PFTs, methacholine challenge, six-minute walk testing along with asthma education. She is also a NIOSH practicum instructor for the UAB Deep South Center.

Mrs. Laken received her certificate in Respiratory Therapy (1985), undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Allied Health Administration (1987), and Master of Science in Education (1995) from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She holds secondary appointments in the Minority Health Research Center School of Medicine as an Associate Scientist and a Scientist with the UAB Lung Health Center.

Besides being a registered respiratory therapist, Mrs. Laken is also credentialed as an Asthma Educator (AE-C) and a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS). Her areas of specialization are asthma education, pulmonary pathophysiology, educational methods and physical assessment.