We’re so sorry it’s been a while since you last heard from UAB
But we hope this holiday letter will fill you all with glee!
There’s so much to be excited about, it’s difficult to begin.
For now I’ll do my best to summarize what you’ll find within

First up, here’s an anniversary announcement to make some of us feel old
This Fall marked the 5th year GC students arrived at the Green and Gold

And how do we find these students to train with us each year?
Let me hit you with some admissions stats that will knock you on your rear:
We had about 30 more applicants than we had the year before
Which means 77 prospective GCs were knocking on our door

GC Holidays Faculty, staff, counselors and students all helped with recruitment endeavors
Interviews were a great success, despite some inclement weather

Now that I mentioned counselors and faculty, there are some updates there
We bid farewell to Meagan C. and Chandni, who took positions elsewhere
Dana H. moved downstairs to the clinic where she sees patients of all sorts
And Ashley C. is now on faculty seeing patients and researching with Dr. Korf

I’ve also joined the UAB team, as I’m sure most of you have guessed
My role is to teach and help Christina with projects, admin, and the rest.

Are you wondering if things have changed in the clinic besides personnel?
Well our GCs are more in demand than ever; there is so much to tell:
Pediatric cancer, fetal anomalies, telemedicine, and adult cardio
Are all clinics staffed by our counselors to which our students now can go!

Now to brag on you alumni, for all your undertakings and accolades
You’re degree of awesomeness is so great, I could go on for days:

You’ve all been busy advancing your careers, and making names for yourselves
Giving presentations, presenting posters, and publishing articles to fill our shelves 
Your accomplishments are many, and they make us so very proud
Thanks to you and your hard work, our program’s become well renowned.

Our full newsletter to send next year with much for you to read and see.
Until then - farewell and Happy Holidays - your friends from UAB!

~Jessica Johnson Denton, MS, CGC 
Assistant Professor, UAB Genetic Counseling Program

      PotenteCatherine       Catherine Potente
Genetic Counselor
Birmingham, AL
      Aimee Brown 2       Aimee Brown
Genetic Counselor
Birmingham, AL
      MikhailFady       Fady M Mikhail
Lab Director
Birmingham, AL
      CarrollAndrew       Andrew J Carroll III
Lab Director
KAUL 314
Birmingham, AL
       MessiaenLudwine       Ludwine M Messiaen
Lab Director
KAUL 330
Birmingham, AL
      RutledgeLane       S Lane Rutledge
Birmingham, AL                                                       
  Dr. Rutledge received her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and
her MD from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama.  She is trained and board certified in Genetics and Biochemical Genetics, Pediatrics and Neurology with special qualification in child neurology.

She is Medical Director of the UAB Biochemical Genetics Laboratory and Director of Clinical Services in the Department of Genetics.  She is an advisor to the Newborn Screening and Follow-up Program for the State of Alabama Department of Public Health.

Dr. Rutledge has been listed in the Best Doctors in America since 1994.
      RobinNathaniel       Nathaniel Robin
KAUL 210
Birmingham, AL                                                             
   Dr. Robin completed his MD degree and a pediatric residency at Albert Einstein College
of Medicine in Bronx, New York.  He was a clinical fellow in the Division of Human Genetics
and Molecular Biology and the Division of Biochemical Genetics at The Children's Hospital
of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he also served a research fellowship in the laboratory
of Max Muenke.  Dr. Robin has two primary activities within the Department of Genetics.
First, he has an active clinical genetics practice.  While he sees patients for any indication,
his main interests are in clefting and craniofacial genetics, and adult genetic cardiovascular
disease, including Marfan syndrome.  His other role is educator.  He is the director of the
genetics residency programs, and supervises all the educational activities of the department
with respect to the University of Alabama School of Medicine (UASOM) as well as all other
UAB residency programs. 
      KorfBruce       Burce Korf, MD, Ph.D.
Medical Director
Wayne H. and Sara Crews Finly Chair in Medical Genetics
Professor and Chair, Department of Genetics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Director, Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences
     Jessica Denton headshotTN   Jessica Denton, MS, CGC
Assistant Professor
1705 University Blvd.
SHPB 448
Birmingham, AL  35294
  Jessica Denton, MS, CGC, is an assistant professor for the University of Alabama at Birmingham Genetic Counseling Master’s Program. Previously, Mrs. Denton worked at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia as a genetic counselor for the JScreen program, a non-profit, at-home education and carrier screening program for Jewish genetic diseases.

Mrs. Denton graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Rhodes College in 2010. She received her Master of Science degree in Genetic Counseling at UAB in 2013. She is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors and the American College of Medical Genetics. Mrs. Denton is also the Vice President of the Georgia Association of Genetic Counselors.

Courses Taught: GC 504: Prenatal Genetics, Embryology and Teratology, GC 600: Advanced Clinical Skills in Genetic Counseling, GC 602: Advanced Topics in Genetic Counseling, GC 650: Clinical Laboratory Rotation
      WilliamsRavin       Ravin Williams
Genetic Counselor
UAB Research Counselor & Specialty Clinics
The UAB genetic counselling program is designed to lead to professional certification through the American Board of Genetic Counseling, Inc (ABGC). While there is a national certification exam offered by ABGC, board certification does not confer state licensure. Specific licensure requirements vary from state to state. UAB is working to develop an online, publicly-accessible database to assist in providing this state-by-state information. In the meantime, if you are interested in learning about potential professional licensure requirements in your state for a specific degree program, please contact UAB State Authorization at stateauth@uab.edu, or call eLearning and Professional Learning S staff at (205) 934-3258.