Students in the Physician Assistant Program must complete the following items before orientation:

  Complete a self-study in medical terminology
       Many years ago, medical terminology was taught as a separate course in
       PA Program, but it has long since been relegated to self-study texts that
       students complete prior to entering the first semester of their respective
       program. Numerous programmed texts exist for this purpose, and you are
       free to choose the one that appeals to you the most. Please note that we are
       only interested in your ability to create and define medical words. We are
       not interested in the anatomical or physiological words and diagrams that
       some texts focus on in great detail. For example, when you enter the
       program this Fall, you will be given a simple written test that asks you either
       define a series of words like “hysterorrhaphy”, or create a series of word
       such as the “surgical repair of a lacerated uterus.” We will not ask you about
       the location or function of the gallbladder, peritoneum, or foramen of the skull

       Two texts that students have given favorable reviews to in the past are: 
       Thierer/Medical Terminology, language for Hlth Care ISBN 0073022640, and
       Jones/Comprehensive Medical Terminology ISBN 1401810047.

       Both these texts, and many similar ones, can be located at bookstores or on the
       web via

  Print Program Handbook
       Print a copy of the PA Program Handbook and bring it with you to orientation.
       Print and sign the Receipt and Acknowledge form.    

  Dress code for orientation
       Students in the Physician Assistant Program should observe the following
       dress code for new student orientation:

       Day I:       August 22nd
                        Professional Attire. Individual and class photographs will be 
                        taken during this time.  These photographs will follow you 
                        throughout your 27 months (meaning they will be hanging on 
                        hospital walls, in the operating suite locker room, physician 
                        offices, etc.), so dress for success!

       Day II:      August 23rd
                        Morning Session:        Business Casual 

                        Afternoon Session:     Scrubs.  Anatomy class begins and you will go into 
                                                          the cadaver laboratory.