• To establish a coalition that will lead to effective partnerships between the community and DRC users
  • To promote capacity building in the targeted communities by educating and empowering the community constituents such as community-based organizations and church representatives and by establishing networks of well-trained community volunteers
  • To develop a culturally appropriate plan to enhance the recruitment and retention of minorities in diabetes-related research studies, with emphasis on underserved groups
  • To help DRC investigators pilot-test research tools and protocols and complete needs assessments and formative assessments in the targeted communities, such as community forums, interviews, and surveys, for improved diabetes research design and implementation
  • To engage community partners in the application and dissemination of findings from relevant diabetes research projects
  • To develop a training program that educates DRC investigators and staff on the best practices for conducting research in racial/ethnic minority communities with emphasis on cultural competency, bioethics, risk assessment, behavioral change, and CBPR principles