The cores have established a priority-of-use hierarchy such that work in a lower priority category will only merit core support if work in higher categories will not be compromised or delayed. The priority categories are:

  1. The highest priority for use of CE Core services will be given to: 
    1. diabetes-related, peer-reviewed, federally funded research projects that are directed by regular members of the DRC investigator base; and
    2. DRC-approved pilot/feasibility study projects.
  2. A second level of priority will be given to DRC investigators in the supported membership category. Generally, these are junior diabetes investigators who are often being assisted by senior regular members. Through core access and collaborative support, the DRC will endeavor to advance their careers, research progress, and competitiveness for extramural research support. This represents an important aspect of the DRC's strategy to develop the center and to have the greatest impact on the investigator base at UAB. 
  3. The lowest level of priority is applied to clinical and affiliated DRC members, and only when two important conditions are met:
    1. These faculty are accessing the core in an effort to establish or develop meaningful original research programs in diabetes, and
    2. these services will not delay or compromise ongoing support for regular or supported members or pilot/feasibility investigators.