The MHSR Core provides services related to:

  • Data collection and management, study design and data analysis, and implementation. Methodological approaches will vary accordingly.
  • Training: The MHSR Core, by the nature of prevention and control research, will serve as a platform for promoting multi-disciplinary research and training in diabetes research across the UAB campus. The core will offer advice and training to graduate students, fellows, and investigators on the specific measurements and technologies that pertain to their research, and attract new investigators to prevention and control research in diabetes. The core will help students and investigators understand and apply core methods when appropriate, e.g., the appropriate use of validated quality of life measures, of data capture for research from electronic health records, or of culturally competent tailoring of diabetes prevention and control interventions. Core members also will proactively participate in the training and educational workshops provided by the DRC Enrichment Program, as in the lecture and seminar series.