Interactions with Other Cores

The MHSR Core interacts with other DRC cores as well as non-DRC cores at UAB. The interactions with other DRC cores are critical to the overall service and provide investigators with seamless services when assistance is required from multiple cores around a single project. Specifically, the MHSR Core interacts with the DRC Community Engagement Core in several important ways. First, our implementation methods and techniques frequently require community engagement, and we will work together to find and engage the appropriate target audiences for our implementation and dissemination efforts. Second, substantial expertise relevant to some of the measurement methodologies resides in the Community Engagement Core—for example, the measurement of cultural competence, acculturation, and perceived discrimination. Important interactions with cores outside the DRC include, among others, core components of the COERE, the Minority Health and Research Center, the VA health services research unit (DSCE), the methods core for UAB's Arthritis Center, and the Recruitment and Retention Shared Facility (see Community Engagement Core). As previously mentioned, these other units house much of the expertise and technical skills that will be made available to the DRC research base through the MHSR Core.