Matt RousculpOn paper, Matt Rousculp, Ph.D., looked like he was on his way to a life working in academia. He earned a Biology degree at Rutgers, a master’s degree in public health at UAB, spent seven years in research in basic science and epidemiology and then received a doctoral degree in Administration-Health Services in the Department of Health Services Administration at UAB.

“My career after graduation went a different route,” said Rousculp. “Instead of going into academia, I went into the bio-pharmaceutical industry to work in the area of Health Outcomes and Health Economics.”

Rousculp is the senior director of comparative effectiveness and health policy research at GlaxoSmithKline in North Carolina. He joined the company in 2011 to develop a coordinated approach related to comparative effectiveness research with GSK’s matrixed environment. He was also tasked  to lead the U.S. Health Policy Research team.

“I get to do research with a U.S. and global focus,” said Rousculp. “It afforded me the opportunity to work from early drug discovery to post-launch research.”

His track record in research has led to more than 40 publications working in various disease areas including women’s health, chronic disease such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular, oncology, diabetes, infectious disease including influenza, RSV, HPV and in areas of health policy, research methods and healthcare strategy.

Rousculp chose the PhD program in the Department of Health Services Administration because it aligned well with the direction of his research interests, but he found the biggest strength of the program was the global approach taken to address key research issues.

“The faculty worked across many schools and with institutions throughout the U.S.,” said Rousculp.

He said students should take advantage of the resources available to them at UAB.

“There are big problems to be addressed and amazing individuals throughout the university that should be seen as resources to be tapped,” said Rousculp. “Spend more time with faculty outside your program to learn other perspectives and to find your own unique path.  No matter what course you take, it will never be in vain.”

It’s been 10 years since Rousculp received his doctoral degree and reflects on his time at UAB.

“There are a lot of great individuals I met during my time there,” said Rousculp. “Each of them shaped my career and for each of them I am indebted.  For their time, their encouragement & challenges, and most of all - - for the chances they took on a young underdeveloped researcher all those years ago.”