Veeradej-Pisprasert-lowBefore coming to UAB, Veeradej Pisprasert, M.D., was an assistant professor at Khonkaen University in Thailand in the Clinical Division in the Department of Medicine. In his country, the two main areas of concern for nutrition include malnutrition and obesity. It’s a big enough issue that his government sent him to school in the United States.

“Recently, physicians have realized the importance of clinical nutrition which may improve clinical outcome of treatment,” said Pisprasert. “However, the practice would not be successful without novel knowledge from research.”

Pisprasert is earning a PhD in Nutrition Sciences where he is being trained and given research opportunities in classical nutrition, clinical nutrition, nutrition and disease prevention and metabolism of nutrients. He’s learning the science of nutrition as it relates to maintaining the health of individuals and populations as well as the care and treatment of individuals with a variety of diseases.

“Nutrition research is based on both basic sciences and clinical applications,” said Pisprasert. “Therefore, the MD and PhD combination, merging basic and clinical sciences together, would fulfill the needs of my country.”

During his time here, he has published one study in Diabetes Care, “Limitations in the use of indices employing glucose and insulin levels to predict insulin sensitivity: impact of race and gender and superiority of the indices derived from oral glucose tolerance test in African Americans males.” A second study, “Racial differences in lipoprotein subclasses and relationships to insulin resistance,” is in revision.

Pisprasert will earn his doctoral degree in May 2013 and will head back home to Thailand. He plans to apply his knowledge and experience he gained here in his career as a clinician and researcher.

“When I go back home, I can apply these skills with my responsibilities, including teaching students (undergraduate and graduate), practice with patients, and research,” said Pisprasert.