The UAB School of Health Professions offers a wide variety of professional careers. To learn more about the program on a personal level, please contact either the program director (listed first) or the admissions coordinator (listed second).

Department of Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences

To find out more information on any of the programs in the Department of Clinical & Diagnostic Services, please contact either:
Admissions Director: Kerry Glasscock
Admissions Support: Morgan McKnight
Admissions Phone: (205) 934-3209
Email:  (please indicate the program you are inquiring about)

Department of Health Services Administration

Administration-Health Services, D.Sc.
(Executive Program)
Bob Hernandez (205) 934-1665
Leandra Celaya (205) 934-3588

Administration-Health Services, Ph.D.
(Residential Program)
Bob Hernandez (205) 934-1665

Health Administration, M.S.H.A.
(Executive Program)
Sara Patterson (205) 934-1672
Jeff Burkhardt (205) 934-1670

Health Administration, M.S.H.A.
(Residential Program)
Randa Hall (205) 934-3332
Pamela Armstrong (205) 934-1583

Health Care Management, B.S.
Pam Paustian (205) 975-9376
Susan Packa (205) 934-5173

Health Informatics, M.S.H.I. (Executive)
Joy Ptacek (205) 934-3509

Health Information Management, B.S.
Kay Clements (205) 996-9811
Susan Packa (205) 934-5173

Health Information Management, M.S.H.I.
Marian Collins (205) 934-4599

Department of Nutrition Sciences

Clinical Nutrition, M.S.
Susan Miller  (205) 934-3223

Nutrition Sciences, Ph.D.
Jose Fernandez  (205) 975-2029

Department of Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy, M.S. Elaine Satterfield (205) 934-7323
Occupational Therapy, Post Professional, M.S. Elaine Satterfield (205) 934-7323
Low Vision Rehabilitation Sandra Long (205) 975-6860
or (205) 934-3568

Department of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy, D.P.T. Jennifer Christy  (205) 934-3566 
Betsy Coleman  (205) 934-4363