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Welcome to the SHP Office of Student Success!

Meet our team

Donna Slovensky, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Donna Slovensky 2012

Donna Slovensky, Ph.D.
Dr. Slovensky is the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs. In this position, Dr. Slovensky works closely with the academic departments of the school on program planning, development and management and provides leadership in the area of student services.  

April Rollins-Kyle
Director of Student Success

April Rollins-Kyle 2012
April Rollins-Kyle

Ms. Rollins-Kyle is the Director of Student Success
for the School of Health Professions. In that
position, she is responsible for student recruitment, including on-site
workshops for students and counselors.

Jonathan Nugent
Director of Marketing

Jon Nugent 2012
Jonathan Nugent

Mr. Nugent is the Director of Marketing for the
School of Health Professions. In that capacity, he is responsible for leading and coordinating school-wide marketing efforts.

Lee Test
Administrative Associate
Lee Test 2012
Lee Test

Ms. Test is the Administrative Assistant to
the Associate Dean for Academic and
Student Affairs. Additionally, Ms. Test
provides administrative support for the
Faculty Affairs Committee and the
Academic Affairs Committee.

Felicia Tigner
Program Coordinator
felicia tigner
Felicia Tigner

Mrs. Tigner is the Program Coordinator 
in the Office of Student
Success where she provides
administrative support to OSS and 
the SHP Scholarship Committee.