CDSComprised of nine academic programs, the Department of Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences (full website) provides training for tomorrow's health care professionals from nurse anesthetists, genetic counselors to nuclear medicine technologists. Students receive hands-on training from renowned faculty while using the tools to prepare them for a career in the health care industry.

The accrediting agencies for programs offered by the School of Health Professions are:

  • Accreditation Review Committee on Education Programs for the Physician Assistant, Inc.
  • Commissionon on Accreditation for Respiratory Care
    The UAB School of Health Professions, Respiratory Therapy Program
    is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for
    Respiratory Care (
    Commission on Accreditation
    for Respiratory Care
    CoARC Board Approved 11-13-2010 48
    1248 Harwood Road
    Bedford, Texas 76021-4244
    (817) 283-2835
  • Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs in collaboration with
    • Cytotechnology Programs Review Committee of the American Society of Cytopathology
  • Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs
  • Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
  • Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences


Biomedical and Health Sciences, M.S.
The Master of Science in Biomedical and Health Sciences Program enhances your value for admission into medical, dental, optometry, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy or other health science professional school. In less than one year – you can set yourself apart from everyone else. The only 11-month master’s program of its kind in the Southeast will help improve your MCAT, DAT and OAT scores. Learn from the best. Be the best.

Biomedical Sciences, B.S.
The undergraduate Biomedical Sciences (BMD) program prepares you for health-related graduate and professional study or for entry into one of the fastest growing occupational sectors. Are you looking for a flexible and solid undergraduate degree that will prepare you for today’s fastest growing occupational sector? Then BMD is for you. You will tailor your degree to fit your academic and career goals. The program, which includes coursework in physiology, pharmacology, clinical biochemistry, medical microbiology and immunology, plus the pathological basis of disease, includes six elective courses that you choose based on your individual health-related educational track.

Biotechnology, M.S. or Graduate Certificate

The Master of Science in Biotechnology Program is designed to train you for a career in a sector that is adding new jobs at nearly twice the rate of the overall national private sector. You will learn the practices and principles of both science and business that are necessary for you to succeed in technology and product development. The biotechnology curriculum allows you to adapt your coursework based on your interests including drug development, regulatory affairs, technology transfer and marketing.

Clinical Laboratory Sciences, M.S.C.L.S.
The Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program is…. Well let’s put it this way: Have you ever wondered how doctors diagnose diseases? Do you want to know what happens to your blood sample at your Doctor’s office? Are you curious as to how risk for the development of a heart attack is determined? Welcome to the world inside the medical laboratory, a world where clinical laboratory scientists and other laboratory professionals find answers to these questions and much more.

Genetic Counseling, M.S.
The Master of Science in Genetic Counseling Program will prepare you to work with patients and families who are learning about and coping with the risk genetic disease may have for themselves and their relatives.  These include medical and emotional needs that affect their healthcare and their daily lives. You will learn best practices for genetic risk assessment, education, and counseling.  You will be able to promote informed choices and adaptation to a genetic risk or genetic diagnosis.  The UAB Genetic Counseling Program combines scientific and clinical education to prepare you for the evolving field of genetic counseling and to work with a variety of patients.

Health Physics, M.S.
The Master of Science in Health Physics Program is the only one of its kind in Alabama, and focuses on protecting human life by balancing the risks and benefits of radiation as a whole and ionizing radiation specifically. We at the UAB School of Health Professions are in a unique position to train a new generation of health physicists that play a critical role in ensuring safety emphasizing medical aspects of the field. This profession requires cross-disciplinary critical thinking and is in high demand both in the United States and globally. Choose excellence. Choose UAB. For more information about the field of Health Physics please see the Health Physics Society website found at: 

Medical Technology
This program is no longer accepting applications as we will graduate our final cohort soon. For those interested in a Master's Degree in the world of the medical laboratory, a world where clinical laboratory scientists and other laboratory professionals find answers to questions, please take a look at our Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences which is listed above.

Nuclear Medicine Technology, M.S.
The Master of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology Program is the 1st program in the United States to rise to a Master's entry-level status. We are also the only Nuclear Medicine Technology Program in the state of Alabama. We are a highly specialized diagnostic and therapy degree. You will be entering a profession which utilizes radionuclides to image and treat disease in the body and is ranked among the Top 20 “Best Healthcare Jobs” according to U.S. News & World Report. Your field, which began in the 1950s as a peaceful use of radioactive material, is a premier molecular imaging tool that physicians use to diagnose, stage and treat disease.

Physician Assistant, M.S.P.A.S.
The Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies is the #16 graduate program in the 2015 U.S. News & World Report rankings. You will study within one of the top medical centers in the U.S. And you will have opportunities to participate in clinical rotations in emergency medicine, primary care, trauma, critical care and surgery in over 50 different rotations located within and outside the university. Join our team and you will join a PA program with a diverse student enrollment and outstanding facilities.