Biotech Biotechnology Professionals
Work in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry in a variety of areas from drug discovery to identifying novel ways to meet environmental challenges using the application of innovative scientific principles to generate new technologies and products for commercialization that positively impact the environment and our quality-of-life.
GeneticCouncilingCircle Genetic Counselors
Using family and medical histories, genetic counselors help people understand and adapt to the implications of genetic contributions to diseases.
HealthAdministrator Health Administrators
Health administrators are the forward-thinking professionals who work to stay in tune with health care advances and in touch with the needs of consumers, caregivers, and the corporate world.
HealthScientist Health Care Manager
Health care management professionals manage hospitals, clinics, medical supply firms, and other health care organizations.
HealthInformationManagement Health Information Management
Health information managers work in operational management positions throughout the healthcare industry such as hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, and government agencies.
MedicalLaboratoryScientist Medical Laboratory Sciences
Medical technologists, professionals in very high demand, play a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and manage clinical laboratories.
NuclearMedicineTechnologist Nuclear Medicine Technologist
A nuclear medicine technologist uses radioactive drugs to obtain information that will lead to disease diagnosis and monitoring therapy.
OccupationalTherapist Occupational Therapist
Occupational therapists assist individuals when physical or mental illness, trauma, developmental conditions, or aging processes interfere with performance of significant life tasks..
SurgicalPhysicianAssistant Physician Assistant
A physician assistant is qualified to assist in all aspects of patient care including operating room assistance, performing physical examinations, post operative patient management, and much more.
Physical Therapist Physical Therapist
A physical therapist helps people overcome the effects of disease, injury, and developmental abnormalities through the use of scientific principles.
Nutritionist Registered Dietitians
Registered dietitians help people choose food for adequate nutrition in health or disease, supervise the preparation and service of food in groups, develop modified diets, and participate in nutrition research.