Deborah Lambert Boger Award web 02Tara Pearce and Don Lein present
the Boger Award to Deborah Lambert
Deborah Lambert, a senior physical therapist at UAB Medical West, has received the UAB School of Health ProfessionsDepartment of Physical Therapy’s Loretta R Boger Award for Excellence in Clinical Education.

The award is delivered annually to a clinical instructor – faculty who teach PT students in the clinical setting – who is “an outstanding role model in teaching and interaction with patients, families, staff and students;” who “demonstrates creativity in the teaching/learning process;” and who “places a high priority on developing clinical education skills for self and staff.”

In Lambert’s nomination letter, Krysta Posid, a 2016 graduate of the UAB Doctor of Physical Therapy program, said, “She seeks to be the best clinician for her patients at all times and encourages her staff to do the same. She is an outstanding teacher as a Clinical Instructor, but also spends significant time and effort educating the patient, their family, and the rest of the healthcare team.”

Students nominate a clinical instructor and all nominations are de-identified for review by a committee comprised of faculty and students representing each graduating class. The committee then reviews and rates all nominations to determine which clinician is the most deserving.

The Loretta R Boger Award for Excellence in Clinical Education was established in 1980 to recognize how she impacted the lives of several of our original faculty – Marilyn Gossman, Jo Clelland, Dot Pinkston, Cara Adams, Sharon Shaw, and Betty Canan – and in turn, how they have impacted physical therapists and the physical therapy profession.

Loretta Boger retired in 1978, after serving as Chief Physical Therapist at Cleveland Metropolitan General for almost twenty-five years. She was the consummate clinician and teacher who knew and understood the needs of patients and students.