Surgical physician assistant examining a patientIf you are interested in the health care industry, you might want to take a new course being offered this spring called, “Introduction to Medical History and Physical Examination” (CDS 550). Students will learn the proper way to obtain a comprehensive medical history, perform a physical examination and report the findings in a systematic and concise format.

“This course introduces the core principles of medical history taking and physical diagnosis,” said Patricia Jennings,  DrPH, PA-C, director of the physician assistant program and professor of the course. “The core principles are utilized in every health care discipline from medicine, dentistry, allied health and nursing.”

Students will receive hands-on experience. The course is geared toward junior or senior students contemplating a career in the health care profession. No prerequisites are required. Students can access the course description through their BlazerNET. The last day to register for this class is Jan. 7. For questions, contact the Department of Clinical & Diagnostic Sciences at  or (205) 975-4CDS.