Respiratory Therapy Sputum Bowl winnersRespiratory Therapy Sputum Bowl winners Sterling Wimbish, Devon Fall and Jordan Unlap.The Alabama Society for Respiratory Care (ASRC) annual Sputum Bowl Championship competition came down to UAB vs. UAB, and UAB won. Seven teams of respiratory therapy students from across Alabama competed for the state championship on March 5, 2012 during the ASRC Annual Conference in Birmingham.

The winning UAB team included Jordan Unlap, Devon Fall and Sterling Wimbish. The Sputum Bowl is similar to a Scholars Bowl. Two teams are asked random questions in several categories related to respiratory care. The first team to buzz in and get the correct answer receives a point. The two teams with the most points in the end compete for the championship game. In keeping with the spirit of what respiratory therapists do, the bowl is called sputum which is mucus from the lungs.

The group will have the opportunity to respresent the state of Alabama in the 2012 National Sputum Bowl competition in New Orleans in October.