APTA State Leg Award 2012 lowDave Morris and Emmett Parker receive awards from APTA.The American Physical Therapy Association gave awards to a UAB faculty member and an alumnus during the group’s State Policy and Payment Forum in Alexandria, Va.

David Morris, PT, Ph.D., assistant chair in the UAB Department of Physical Therapy, was awarded the 2012 APTA State Legislative Commitment Award by the APTA Board of Directors. He was recognized for his many years of service supporting the Alabama chapter’s legislative efforts on a variety of issues including infringement challenges, referral for profit and last year’s direct access campaign.

Emmett Parker, PT, MS, ATC received the 2012 APTA State Legislative Leadership Award for his leadership on the passage of legislation that made Alabama the 47 state with direct access to physical therapy. Parker, owner of Accelerated Physical Therapy, Inc., is a 1995 graduate of the UAB PT program.

The state legislative award was established in 1993 to recognize work of an individual APTA member on behalf of a component’s state legislative efforts in a given year.