dna genetic counselingThe UAB Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences (CDS) announces the creation of a new course that will introduce students to the field of medical genetics. CDS 520: Competencies in Genetics for Health Professionals will examine how genetics impact all aspects of the health industry. The course will also take a look at potential applications of advancements made in the field and how that can affect modern health care.

“The course is designed to give students a distinctive look at the many ways genetics influences lives and show the many applications of genetics across health care,” said Lynn Holt, MS, CGC, assistant professor in the UAB School of Health Professions. “UAB has the only genetic counseling program in the state so this is a unique opportunity that students will not find anywhere else in Alabama.”

The course is open to all undergraduate and graduate students. For more information on the new course call 205-975-4237 (4CDS) or email AskCDS@uab.edu. You can also visit the CDS homepage at www.uab.edu/cds. The last day to register for the fall course is August, 15, 2013.