2013 EXPO Posters GroupTwenty four respiratory therapy (RT) students presented their service learning posters at the 2013 UAB Summer Research Expo. The event, held at the Edge of Chaos, featured students from across UAB and across the country.

The RT students attend one of two asthma camps this summer, either Camp Wheezaway or Children’s Hospital Asthma Camp, as part of their capstone and service learning course. To cover the costs of Camp Wheezaway and to pay the cost of camp for one or two campers, they held fundraisers throughout the year.

On average the RT students have raised around $3500.00 each year. They provide a very valuable service at Camp Wheezaway which includes:
  • Monitoring campers as they take medications and do their peak flows in the mornings and evening.
  • Monitoring campers during the day in case they have an asthma attack.
  • Each day after lunch they provide asthma education for campers.
At Children’s Hospital Asthma Camp, the RT students teach the campers how to use their medications and their peak flow meters properly and they monitor the children for asthma exacerbations.

Their final project was to design and present a poster at the UAB Summer Expo. To see all the pictures from the expo and the students with their posters visit our Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/uab_shp/.

Here are the Service Learning poster winners:

2013 EXPO Poster 1st Place1st Place LaShaydra White, Caletheia Harrison, Tuan Nguyen, and Melanie Stinson; Helping the Community Breathe Better: One Inhaler at a Time (pictured left)

2nd Place Caleb Watson, Katie Brand, Karl Hare; Reach Your Peak Asthma Camp

3rd Place Betty Maciel and Chinazor Iwuaba; Learning All About Asthma at the McWane Center

Photos courtesy Wesley Granger, Ph.D., associate professor in respiratory therapy.