GSRD 2013 Johnson HollenbeckJessica Johnson and Dana Hollenbeck, 2013 graduates of the UAB Genetic Counseling Program, took home 2nd and 3rd place honors respectively at the 2013 UAB Graduate Research Day. The two School of Health Professions alumni placed in the category Public Health and Engineering.

Johnson, (pictured on the left) from Homewood, Ala., presented research titled “How to Develop an Educational Tool on Hereditary Breast Cancer for Minorities.” The objective of her work was to discover an effective educational strategy to disseminate hereditary breast cancer information to the African American community. Johnson’s study recommends educators use a personal, interactive approach that conveys the message through established community groups and programs.

Hollenbeck, (pictured on the right) from Decatur, Ala., presented research titled “Contribution of Family History on the Incidence of Spina Bifida.” Her study evaluated the current impact of family history on incidence of spina bifida and found a higher incidence of family history, particularly paternal family history, than what had previously been reported.

The UAB Genetic Counseling Program, located within the Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences, is only three years old and this is the second year in a row that a student placed at the event. Last year, Jamison Beek won first place in the category of Public Health and Social & Behavioral Sciences.