2013-BFC-Conference-FlyerThe University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Nutrition Obesity Research Center (NORC) is pleased to announce their NIH-funded conference on “Evaluating Bioactive Food Components (BFCs) in Obesity and Cancer Prevention.“ It is set for Friday, September 27-29, 2013, in Ft Walton, Fla.

Register by Sunday, August 4, 2013, at http://www.norc.uab.edu/courses/conferences/conference2013 or via email at norc@uab.edu. Women, members of underrepresented minority groups and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. Limited travel stipends and a poster session are available.

Translating BFCs in Basic Sciences to Clinical
While food has long been known to influence and improve human health, recent scientific advances and nutritional innovations in food product development have aided the development of designer foods with increased concentrations of BFCs or functional foods. This multidisciplinary conference on BFCs will emphasize conceptual and methodological challenges, as well as the issues relating to social communication, ethical, and regulatory issues. The meeting will provide participants a thorough state-of-the-science update and critical discussions surrounding this public health issue.

Oncologists and oncology nutritionist/dietitians: BFCs in the real world
In light of the increasing market penetration of such foods, assessing the health effects of BFCs in obesity and cancer prevention demands an ongoing dialogue among academia, industry, and the government to thoroughly address the opportunities and challenges in evaluating the safety and efficacy of BFCs for promoting human health.

The conference organizers are David Allison, Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham and Kristi Crowe, Ph.D., RD, LD, University of Alabama.

The topic areas include:
  1. State of the Science: Methodological Issues & Research Integrity
  2. Development: Legal & Social Issues re Marketing & Consumer Perception
  3. Role of BFCs in Obesity, Diabetes, and Weight Loss
  4. Role of BFCs in Cancer Prevention, Development and Progression
  5. Emerging Approaches to Understanding the Contribution of BFCs in Disease Prevention

Speakers include: Anton, Stephen - University of Florida; Cleland, Richard - FTC; Clydesdale, Fergus - UMass Amherst; de Lumen, Benito - Cal-Berkeley; Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy - UAB; Ferruzzi, Mario - Purdue; Forrest, Lolita - UNC–Chapel Hill; Fraga, Cesar - Cal–Davis; Guzman, Esther - Florida Atlantic University; Howard, Luke - University of Arkansas; Huang, Yao-wen - University of Georgia; Jeffery, Elizabeth - University of Illinois; Kaput, James - Nestle; Lampe, Johanna - Fred Hutchinson CRC; Lefevre, Michael - Utah State; Lokeshwar, Balakrishna - University of Miami; Moustaid-Moussa, Naima - Texas Tech; Pace, Ralphenia - Tuskegee; Prasain, Jeevan - UAB; Rimando, Agnes - USDA-ARS; Romo, Daniel - Texas A&M; Sang, Shengmin - NC State; Schwartz, Steven - Ohio State; Talcott, Susanne - Texas A&M; Walker, Lloyd - Alabama A&M; Williams, Leonard - North Carolina A&T; Zeisel, Steven - UNC–Chapel Hill.