Three UAB School of Health Professions professors in the Department of Nutrition Sciences were named recipients of the 2011 Graduate Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentorship. Overall, 22 professors from 16 departments were named. The award, now in its fourth year, recognizes exceptional faculty mentorship and demonstrates that UAB is a university that values the commitment to excellence in mentorship that is exhibited by its faculty, says Bryan Noe, Ph.D., dean of The Graduate School and creator of the award.

“This award recognizes faculty members who have been outstanding mentors, advisors and role models to the students and trainees with whom they have worked,” Noe says. “We are particularly pleased to see that faculty from different disciplines and departments across campus were nominated for their dedication to assisting students, postdoctoral fellows and other trainees to realize their career goals.”

These recipients were honored in a ceremony April 11:


Timothy Garvey

“Dr. Garvey has the rare ability to create a collaborative work environment with extreme integrity, ethics and professionalism, which is translated into his high quality of work. He is a role model and a key opinion leader for a life-long commitment in scientific research. Dr. Garvey’s dedication to his students, fellows and team players and the passion and excitement he demonstrates for new knowledge and discovery, has fulfilled all that I have hoped to get from my profession. I know that his support will be available to me in any shape or form as it always has been.”

Barbara_Gower Barbara Gower

“Dr. Gower has taught me to long for the endless immensity of science. Her passion for rigorous scientific research is contagious and it motivates all of us to do our best work.  Dr. Gower’s guidance has helped me establish a solid foundation for my own career path as a research scientist, and her mentorship is instilling me with skills and confidence to pursue my goals. When I began my doctoral program, someone advised me to ‘select a mentor who you want to become like — because you will.’ Dr. Gower exemplifies many qualities I wish to emulate. She models high standards in her own research, encourages excellent work from her students, and she always treats people with respect.”

trnagy Tim Nagy

“While transitioning through a number of different projects, I had Dr. Nagy’s support, guidance and a number of great collaborators whom he helped coordinate. I am thankful to him for enabling and encouraging me to work with a range of collaborators from various departments — pathology, cell biology, pharmacology and toxicology, epidemiology, preventive medicine, radiology and the Breast Health Clinic. With his encouragement, I have broadened my educational achievements by taking a number of elective courses. The skills I learned from the courses helped me draft my proposal on soy and breast-cancer prevention, which later was funded by the Sigma Delta Epsilon/Graduate Women in Science Foundation.”