Tim Nagy and his racing carTim Nagy will be racing his car at the Third Annual "Accelerating a Cancer Cure" Sunday, Nov. 20.Tim Nagy, Ph.D., has been riding off-road motorcycles all of his life. After he broke his ankle in seven places in 2002, he decided he was getting too old for the bike and needed to switch gears into cars.

“I began with a high performance driver’s education in 2003 in Atlanta and became hooked,” said Nagy, professor and vice chair for research for the UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences. “I then started racing at Barber’s Motorsports and all over the Southeast.”

Nagy spends his day job researching links between obesity and cancer.  Besides his post in the School of Health Professions, he’s also a senior scientist with the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC). About four years ago, he decided he wanted to help raise money for the CCC.

“I love racing so I thought why not combine something I love for a good cause,” said Nagy.

His cause, the “Accelerating a Cancer Cure,” is going into its third year this Sunday, Nov. 20. For the first two years, several race car drivers, including Nagy, would collect pledges to race at Barber’s track. Every year, they have raised $5,000 and hope to do the same if not raise more. This year, Nagy wanted to get the community more involved.

“You can drive your own car on Barber’s track for a donation to the Comprehensive Cancer Center,” said Nagy. “Or you can pay $25 to ride fast in an instructor’s car. It’s not very often you get the chance to ride on Barber’s track with an instructor much less your own car.”

The park will be free to enter. Attendees can also watch the Porsche BMW Owners Club race at 10:30 a.m. and 12:40 p.m. Nagy will be out there racing as well in his orange number 302 car he built last summer.