Tim Nagy racing his carTim Nagy racing his car during the Third Annual Accelerating a Cancer Cure.People used their driving skills to raise money for cancer research. More than $4,500 was raised Nov. 20 for the Third Annual “Accelerating a Cancer Cure” benefitting the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Several race car drivers, including Tim Nagy, Ph.D., the brainchild of the fundraiser and a professor and vice chair for research for the Department of Nutrition Sciences, collected pledges to race at Barber’s Motorsports race track.

“I am pleased that we raised more than $4,500 and hope that we can increase this number in the coming years,” said Nagy. “It was great to see faculty from the School of Health Professions and Comprehensive Cancer Center enjoying themselves at the track.”

Participants could make a donation to ride with an instructorParticipants could make a donation to ride with an instructor.One of those enjoying the day was Bill Ogard, PT, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the UAB Department of Physical Therapy. For a donation, folks had the opportunity to either drive their own car on the track or ride shotgun with an instructor for three laps. Ogard brought his stepson this year to ride with an instructor.

"He's really passionate about cars and racing, so I knew he would love riding in a real race car, on a real track with a real race car driver doing hot laps," said Ogard.

To get an idea of what it's like to ride in one of those cars, Nagy shot video from inside his car during one of the sprint races that day.