Norman_BolusNorman E. Bolus, MPH, CNMT, has received a Fellowship from the Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section (SNMTS). It is awarded to members of the SNMTS who have demonstrated leadership and have made a significant contribution to the profession of nuclear medicine at the national level. Bolus will be acknowledged at the SNMTS Plenary and Awards Recognition in June 2012.

Bolus is the director of the Nuclear Medicine Technology program in the Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences. He recently took over as the editor of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology. In 2010, he won the SNMTS Outstanding Educator Award for his contributions and knowledge for advancing and the promoting the field of nuclear medicine technology through teaching.

Bolus has served on several committees with SNMTS including Educators Committee, Educational Curriculum Guide Task Force, Educators Transition Task Force, NMAA Committee and Student Membership Task Force. He developed a podcast on thallium stress test protocol to give SNMTS members a quick refresher on a how to use alternative testing for radionuclides that are not available.

Bolus began his nuclear medicine career in 1989 when he worked as a technologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital’s nuclear medicine department. He made the jump to education a few years later and has held several roles as an educator.