Jonathan WaughJonathan Waugh, Ph.D., professor in the respiratory therapy program, was one of eleven honored with the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching during the annual Faculty Awards Convocation on Wednesday, March 7 in the UAB Alumni House.

Waugh is a teacher of students and other teachers. In addition to his daily work, he also leads an enrichment program guiding and encouraging new faculty members. “I can say unequivocally that Jonathan is the best teacher I have ever met,” says one colleague, a beneficiary of the program. Another lauds his innovative teaching methods: “He is noted for his dynamic and interesting presentation of material and his ability to explain difficult concepts,” the colleague says. “Jonathan’s enthusiasm was contagious among the faculty. He encouraged many faculty who had been using the same teaching methods for years to consider a new approach.” Says yet another, “In the classroom, he has the ability to bring his lectures to life, like a painter painting vivid images on a canvas.”

Waugh joined UAB in 1999, serving eight years as the Director of Clinical Education for the respiratory therapy program. He oversees the School of Health Profession’s teaching enrichment program created by Dean Harold Jones. He has an appointment as a scientist with the UAB Lung Health Center and conducts research in the areas of mechanical ventilation, capnography, high flow therapy, and tobacco treatment/prevention.