Maday Mentor 07L/R: Maureen LeFevre, Alex Vaughan, Lindsey Whisonant, Maday and Lindsay HaleKristopher Maday, MS, PA-C, CNSC, assistant professor in the School of Health Professions Physician Assistant program, was recognized at the seventh annual Graduate Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentorship. The event, held April 16, honored 13 professors who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to mentoring graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Said one student about Maday:

“No matter how busy his schedule, Mr. Maday always makes time for his students. As I struggled with the transition of becoming a full-time student at 29, he provided consistent encouragement. He has been extremely patient with students, spending additional time needed both in and outside of the classroom to reinforce material that may be difficult to grasp.”

Maday Mentor 06Maday "mentoring" group of PA studentsBased on the picture to the left, you can tell that Maday's sense of humor also played a role in his nomination and selection. To see more photos from the event visit our open to the public Flickr webpage.

Faculty selected received at least five letters of nomination that highlighted their teaching, communication and mentoring. Maday, a 2007 alumni of the PA program, joined the Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences faculty in 2011. He and the others are not eligible again for at least 10 years said Bryan Noe, Ph.D., dean of The Graduate School. He said this is to ensure that the award is distributed as widely as possible among the faculty.

Others honored in addition to Maday included Donna Arnett, Etty (Tika) Benveniste, John Chatham, Carolyn Conley, Lisa Curtis, Martha Dawson, Aaron Lucius, Kristopher Maday, Leslie McClure, Steven Rowe, David Schneider, Uday Vaidya and Hui Wu.