Amanda Dorsey (right) talks to Health IT Outcomes editor-in-chief Ken CongdonAmanda Dorsey (right) talks to Health IT Outcomes editor-in-chief Ken CongdonThe editor-in-chief of Health IT Outcomes calls Birmingham a Health IT breeding ground and says "It all starts with UAB." And he specifically singles out the UAB Health Informatics program in the School of Health Professions.

In the article, titled "Birmingham's Health IT Breeding Ground," Ken Congdon says, "UAB boasts one of the oldest health informatics programs in the United States (established in 1991) and has developed curriculum specifically geared toward producing the next generation of health IT leaders, innovators, and problem solvers."

The program, led by UAB alumna Amanda Dorsey, MSHI, includes the Master of Science in Health Informatics, the Health Information Management undergraduate track and the Center for Health Informatics for Patient Safety/Quality (CHIPS/Q).

In the article, Dorsey says the key to the program's success is using instructors from a variety of backgrounds who are currently working outside of the university, “To ensure our students are well prepared upon graduation, we must descend from our academic ivory tower and teach them about the ever-changing challenges and demands they are likely to face in the real world,” said Dorsey, an assistant professor in the Department of Health Services Administration.

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