Crockett Scogin Posid Courtney Lochamy Courtesy Lakeshore FoundationPosid, Crockett, Courtney, Scogin and AMBUCS Executive Director Bog Lochamy
Photo Courtesy: Lakeshore Foundation
Four students from the UAB Doctor of Physical Therapy program, Alisa Courtney, James Crockett, Krysta Posid and Will Scogin, won the 2014 Lakeshore’s Amazing Race. Their team, sponsored by AMBUCS Birmingham, beat 29 teams in a race to complete 13 interactive challenges around the Lakeshore Foundation’s 45-acre campus in Birmingham. And they helped the Lakeshore Foundation raise more than $58,000.

The PT team only learned they were competing in the race two days before the event.

“What set us apart from the other teams was our teamwork,” said James Crockett, a first-year student in the DPT program. “The DPT program really emphasizes collaboration through team-based learning (TBL) and that strengthened our ability to work with each other efficiently and effectively.”

Posid, Crockett Scooter Bowling Courtesy Lakeshore FoundationPosid, Crockett in Scooter Bowling
Photo Courtesy: Lakeshore Foundation
The 13 interactive challenges were designed to give the participants a glimpse at what life is like for those with disabilities. The events included wheelchair tennis, bicycling with only hand pedals, a 4x200 wheelchair relay, blindfolded yoga, one-arm kayaking and Scooter Bowling (two members on scooters, two members pushing into oversized bowling pins).

“There was no specific order to complete the tasks and we were not told where each station was so a lot of the race dealt with deciding where to look and whether or not to wait at a station or come back to it,” said Crockett. “We won by less than a minute, so if we had done anything differently it may not have worked out for us!”

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Crockett also credited classmates that supported the team at the event with providing “the extra push we needed.” Lindsay Boggan, Samantha (Sam) Brenz, Alyssa Glover, Erin Lehnert, Wes May, Jacob McGregor and Tara Scogin, also first-year DPT students, were the ‘cheerleaders’ of the DPT team.

Scogin Wheelchair RaceScogin in Wheelchair RaceThe victory earns the DPT team a Birmingham Barons suite package for a 2014 game.

The DPT program is based in the Department of Physical Therapy within the School of Health Professions. The UAB / Lakeshore Foundation Research Collaborative is a world-class research program designed to conduct and promote comprehensive rehabilitative science research.

AMBUCS Birmingham, who sponsored the winning PT team, is a non-profit that helps children and others with disabilities achieve mobility and independence through AmTryke therapeutic tricycles and much more. You can find them online at

The Lakeshore Foundation has helped advance and promote physical fitness for people with disabilities since 1984. Learn more at