mHealth CoverDonna Slovensky, Ph.D., professor and associate dean, Academic and Student Affairs, UAB School of Health Professions, and Donna Malvey, Ph.D., a fellow graduate of the UAB Ph.D. Program in Health Services Administration are co-authors of a new book on mobile health technologies. The book, mHealth: Transforming Healthcare, was published this month by Springer and covers the global impact of mobile health technologies.

“The idea that something as small as a mobile phone could revolutionize healthcare is mind boggling yet the devices keep getting smaller, faster, more powerful, and oftentimes less expensive,” said Slovensky, administrative director, Healthcare Quality and Safety Graduate Certificate. “As an industry driving a large segment of our economy, healthcare is an obvious direction for technology business development. Our interest was in looking at mHealth from the perspective of many stakeholders and identifying likely points of leverage and potential roadblocks to the widespread adoption required to achieve population health improvement.”

The book is the outcome of in-depth research conducted during the fall of 2013. Slovensky will be presenting on her research with her co-author Malvey at the Annual Meeting of Southern Management Association during the mHealth Symposium in Savannah, Ga., Nov. 12-15, 2014.

“One of the joys of writing this book was the opportunity to collaborate with Donna who I met during our doctoral studies in the UAB Ph.D. Program in Health Services Administration and have continued our professional and personal relationships since graduation,” said Slovensky.  “The topic was in some ways serendipitous – it’s the focus we chose as the nexus of our overlapping areas of interest – information technology, healthcare strategy, and personal engagement in health decisions.”

Key components of the book will be discussed as a panel symposium at the 2014 Academy of Management. The symposium reviews were very positive.

"A timely and cogent topic of increasing importance in the advancement of options to effectively and efficiently monitor and deliver healthcare, and in particular those areas of healthcare that are subject to standardized systems. This is an area expected to show exponential growth within the next five years, and will become a new standard of care in many aspects of healthcare management and delivery."

"mHealth is in its infancy and the future of mHealth is not known. Therefore, it is a really good time to discuss the emerging trends, legal and environmental challenges, global issues, and research efforts regarding mHealth. I highly recommend acceptance of this panel symposium into SMA's this year's conference. As evidenced by the proposal itself, this panel has a high potential in enriching this year's conference and stimulating some research regarding mHealth."