Twitch Picture Powers2014Kristen Powers, producer & star of documentary "Twitch"“Twitch,” a documentary film chronicling the emotional journey of an 18-year-old as she is tested for a degenerative genetic disease, was screened on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham September 10 at Volker Hall.

The producer and star of the film Kristen Powers attended the screening of her movie, gave a presentation on her journey and Huntington's disease (HD), answered questions from the audience and was guest of honor at a post-event reception held at the Edge of Chaos on UAB's campus.

The film "Twitch" follows her genetic testing for HD, a neurological brain disorder that led to the death of her mother.

twitchEvery child of a parent with HD has a 50 percent chance of inheriting the fatal gene, which means Kristen and her younger brothers are at risk of inheriting the disease.

The event was hosted by the School of Health Professions Genetic Counseling Program in conjunction with the School of Medicine Department of Genetics.

This is the first documentary for Powers, a junior at Stanford University, and she hopes the story will spark conversations about genetic testing, the implications of making the choice to test, as well as remove the stigma surrounding neurological diseases. She raised more than $45,000 using crowd-funding platforms to fund this film.

Powers is currently on a global tour for "Twitch." She has appeared in major news outlets like USA Today and previously spoke at TEDxTeen. Kristen is passionate about finding awesome solutions to wicked problems.