ScottFrederickScott Frederick is back in school for the third time for his third career, and this time, he believes he’s got it right. The Indianola, Miss. native graduated from Ole Miss in 1993 with a degree in management. He worked for an insurance company in corporate finance for 10 years when he decided to make a career change into nursing.

“I come from a family with a long line of healthcare professions,” said Frederick. “Getting into healthcare was something I had always wanted to do so I took the plunge.”

He received his nursing degree from Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa in 2004. As he was working as a critical care nurse, Frederick watched the explosion of the healthcare technology. He had the chance to participate in multiple IT initiatives which opened up new opportunities and awareness of the School of Health Professions Health Informatics masters’ program (MSHI).

“I can thank my former boss, Theresa Meadows, who is a graduate of the MSHI program,” said Frederick. “She spoke highly of the program and how it prepared her to be a successful healthcare IT leader. I knew the program would be beneficial in my career and flexible enough to maintain a good work-life balance.”

Because MSHI is an executive program, Frederick is able to continue to work as a healthcare consultant at Dearborn Advisors and take the online classes. He started that job the same week he began the program. The class visits the UAB campus just twice a year. He’s learned the importance of time management especially since he travels.

“I leave on Monday morning and return on Thursday nights,” said Frederick. “I do a lot of reading and homework in the airport or on the plane so having a Kindle has helped tremendously. The search and bookmark functions save valuable time.”

Frederick plans to graduate in 2013 and hopes to open his own firm one day. They say the third time is the charm.

“I believe my background with a blend of nursing, financial/analytical and consulting experience has prepared me for the MSHI program,” said Frederick. “Healthcare technology has been a perfect fit for my skills and experience.”