Pravin PantWhat’s in a name? For Pravin Pant, UAB student and successful manager at a local business, it’s a source of inspiration. He’s the Senior VP and co-founder of a healthcare technology company called Napochi, LLCa word that, according to Pant, means “frontiersmen” in the language of one of Alabama’s native tribes. Living up to his company’s name, Pant strives every day to step beyond conventional boundaries and reach for new solutions.

Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, Pant spent his teen years growing up in Omaha, NE. He recently returned to UAB after a six-year hiatus from the M.S. in Health Informatics program. “Back then we did not have the luxury of doing everything online,” he explains. “It was tough to be in school twice a week every week and also try to run a business. The program is now 100% online and it works really well with my schedule. I can be in a different city for a business meeting and still be able to attend class and complete my assignments.”

Pant started his healthcare software career fifteen years ago, and has since developed an acute passion for software development and design. Like true frontiersmen, Napochi employees focus on producing software that manages population health, improves on existing quality care, and reduces costs. “I believe that healthcare software does not just mean a repository where you take clinical information and store it,” Pant says. “In my opinion, if we can process the point of care data from a patient, we can deliver better and quality outcomes and effective treatment plans.”

He doesn’t technically need his master’s degree—Napochi, LLC is already a successful business—but he’s determined to complete UAB’s MSHI program. “I have always wanted to finish this program,” he says. “That’s why I joined it 6 years ago. UAB’s program is reputed, focused, and it fits around a professional individual’s schedule. The program has equipped me with the right knowledge to advance further.”

Pant advises students to think ahead before applying to UAB’s flexible MSHI program. “This is a great program for anyone who has an interest in health informatics,” he explains, “but I strongly advise incoming students to have a feel for what they want to do in healthcare informatics industry. Knowing this ahead of time will help them focus accordingly.”

When he graduates in 2015, Pant plans to apply his new degree toward Napochi and his passionate pursuit of innovative, cutting-edge technology. “My main goal was, is, and always will be better patient outcomes, reduction on costs, and patient safety,” he says. “Win-win for all.”