Graduate Programs in Health Administration

The Alumni Association of the Graduate Programs in Health Administration (GPHA) at UAB exists to create a cohesive national body of the alumni of the academic programs of the Department of Health Services Administration. The department currently has over 1,300 alumni, many of whom are members of the association.

The association seeks to promote, assist, and enhance the programs of the department. It also encourages professional growth of association members and fosters cooperation, understanding, and fellowship among alumni and students.

Specific activities of the association include:

  • Sponsorship of the reception for alumni, students, faculty, and friends of the Department at the National Congress of the American College of Healthcare Executives Congress on Administration in Chicago, Illinois;
  • Sponsorship of networking receptions at regional sites such as Atlanta (GA), Birmingham (AL), Charlotte (NC), Memphis (TN), Mobile (AL), Nashville (TN), and other locations in which clusters of alumni reside or work;
  • Hosting the Annual Alumni Association Annual Meeting and an Alumni Reunion family beach party at the National Symposium for Healthcare Executives at Sandestin, Florida;
  • Financial support of the student work study program within the department;
  • Providing academic journal subscriptions for the department; and
  • Endowment of student scholarships for department graduate students.

The association is affiliated with the UAB National Alumni Society.

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UAB health administration alumni now have a group on Facebook for all alumni interested in joining. The group name is: UAB Graduate Programs in Health Administration Alumni. Look for us on Facebook.

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