UAB/Program Core Curriculum - UAB Equivalents
(Course requirements are listed in semester credit hours)

The following courses must be completed prior to the beginning of the professional phase of the program. Contact the program advisor for details regarding the core curriculum.

Area I. Written Composition (6 hours)
English Composition I, II - EH 101, 102 (6)
Area II. Humanities and Fine Arts (12 hours)
Literature1 (3)
Public Speaking - CM 101 (3)
Fine Arts elective (3)
Elective1 (3)
Area III. Natural Sciences and Mathematics (11 hours)
Precalculus Algebra - MA 105 or Finite Mathematics - MA 110 (3)
Electives in Natural Sciences (with laboratory) from approved Area III science courses (8)
Area IV. History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences (12 hours)
Introduction to Psychology - PY 101 (3)
History1 (3)
Electives1 (6)
Area V. Preprofessional, Major, and Elective Courses
Human Anatomy and Human Physiology - BY 115 (4)

Human Anatomy and Human Physiology – BY 116 (4)                         

Principles of Accounting I - AC 200 (3)
Statistics - AHS 360 (offered on-line), QM 214, MA 180 (3), or PY 214
Health Care Systems - AHS 330 (offered on-line) (3)

Microcomputer Applications - AHS 320 (offered on-line) (3)

1A 6-semester hour sequence either in literature or in history is required. If a second literature is chosen, it will apply as 3 of the elective hours in Area II Humanities and Fine Arts; if a second history is chosen, it will apply as 3 of the elective hours in Area IV History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences.


(Course requirements are listed in semester credit hours)

The following courses, except for clinicals and internship, may be completed at UAB or by internet. Some courses in business may be transferable to meet requirements. This is a suggested full-time schedule but student can attend part-time. Contact the Program Director for additional information.

First Year
AHS 405 Human Resources Management in HCO (4)
HIM 405 Clinical Information I (3)
HIM 415 Introduction to Health Information Management (3)
HIM 416 Health Data Concepts (3)

AHS 318 Law for Health Care Professions (3)
AHS 435 Survey of Clinical/Administrative Information Systems (3)
HIM 410 Clinical Information II (3)
HIM 440 ICD-9-CM Coding (4)

AHS 416 Financial Management in Health Care Org (3)
HIM 425 Epidemiology and Applied Statistics in Health Care Organizations (3)
HIM 430 Clinical Experience I (1)
HIM 458 Clinical Terminologies and Vocabularies (2)
HIM 460 Coding and Classification Systems (3)

Second Year

HIM 431 Clinical Experience II (1)
HIM 443 Information Resource Management (3)
HIM 450 Clinical Research Methods (3)
HIM 455 Reimbursement/Regulatory Requirements for Health Information Management (3)
HIM 465 Clinical Evaluation and Outcomes Research (3)

HIM 470 Data Management (3)
HIM 480 Internship (6)
HIM 481 Issues in Health Information Management (3)