Students in the BS in Health Care Management Program complete specific courses according to a planned and structured program of study. Students fulfill both core degree requirements and major/professional curriculum requirements in a logical sequence. The sequence is intended to facilitate success in the overall degree requirements.

Through the core curriculum, students develop global perspectives, acquire knowledge, and enhance cognitive skills that they apply in the professional curriculum and in their careers. Students develop their ability to acquire and evaluate new knowledge and perspectives critically, and to communicate their ideas to others effectively. The core curriculum enables students to learn about ethnic, cultural, and social groups other than their own. Exposure to diversity in the academic setting enhances performance in a multicultural work setting. Graduates should demonstrate achievement of the following professional curriculum goals:

  • Communicate effectively in speaking and writing
  • Solve problems by generating, evaluating, and selecting alternative solutions
  • Acquire and synthesize knowledge from diverse sources
  • Apply various analytical tools
  • Pursue knowledge throughout their careers
  • Demonstrate ethical reasoning by analyzing, evaluating, and defending decisions regarding ethical issues


UAB Core Curriculum Requirements for Health Care Management

Area I. Written Composition (6 hours)

  • EH 101 - 3
  • EH 102 - 3

 Area II. Humanities & Fine Arts (12 hours)

  • Literature - 3
  • Arts - 3
  • Public Speaking - 3
  • Elective - 3 (must be literature unless 6 hour history sequence)

Area III. Natural Science & Mathematics (11 hours)

  • Pre-calculus (MA 105) or Finite Mathematics (MA 110)
  • Science Electives with Laboratory (8)

Area IV. History, Social, & Behavioral Science (12 hours)

  • History - 3
  • Electives - 9 (3 in history unless 6 hour literature sequence)

Area V.  Pre-Professional, Major, and Elective Courses  

  • Accounting I and Accounting II

Licensed or certified health professionals may apply up to 23 hours credit for technical health care professions courses. NOTE: Students in the Pre-professional Degree Track should contact  Susan Packa to determine specific additional required pre-requisites courses.


BSHCM Professional Curriculum

Health Care Organization, Financing, and Reimbursement

AHS 330        Health Care Systems (3, Smith, All Terms)

AHS 402        Economics for Healthcare Managers (3, Breland, Fall and Summer)

AHS 416        Financial Management in Health Care Organizations (3, Montgomery, Spring and Summer)

Management & Leadership

AHS 401        Organizational Studies in Health Care (4, Paustian, Spring)

AHS 403        Operations Management in Health Care Organizations (4, Paustian, Summer)

AHS 405        Human Resources Management in Health Care Organizations (4, Paustian, Fall)

AHS 407        Strategic Management in Health Care Organizations (3, Trimm, Fall and Spring)

AHS 481        Management Internship (3 or 6, Trimm, All Terms)

Ethics, Law, Regulation, and Policy

AHS 318        Law for Health Care Professionals (3, Breland, All Terms)

AHS 411        Bio/Psycho/Social Issues of Aging (3, Williams, Fall)

AHS 415        Ethics for the Health Professional (3, Paustian, Summer and Fall)

AHS 480        Health Care Policy and Reform (3, Breland, Fall and Spring)

Evaluation and Outcomes

AHS 350        Medical Terminology (3, Slovensky, All Terms)

AHS 360        Statistics for Managers (3, Smith, All Terms)

AHS 375        Epidemiology (3, Williams, Spring and Summer)

AHS 460        Research Methods (3, Williams, Fall and Spring)

AHS 450        Quality Improvement for Health Professionals (3, Spath, Spring and Summer)

Information Resources

AHS 320        Microcomputer Applications for Health Care Managers (3, Rollins-Kyle, All Terms)

AHS 435        Survey of Clinical & Administrative Information Systems (3, Garrie, Spring and Trimm, Summer)

Approved Electives

AHS 300        Survey of Health Professions (2, Paustian, All Terms - Elective)

AHS 302        Principles of Management in Health Care (3, Garrie, All Terms - Elective)

AHS 482        Current Issues Seminar (3, Paustian, Spring - Elective)

AHS 590        Leadership Skills for Health Professionals (3, Paustian – Elective)


*NOTE: Students in the Pre-professional Degree Track should contact their adviser to determine recommended electives.

Upon acceptance into the BSHCM Program, students are provided with a course schedule that they are required to follow throughout the program.  Failure to follow the schedule provided will result in the revision of the student's schedule which may make the student ineligible to enroll in specified program courses and/or delay graduation from the program.  If a student is unable to follow the course schedule for any reason, please contact Susan Packa, BSHCM Program adviser, 934-5173, as soon as possible for advisement and schedule revision