Executive Master of Science in Health Administration Program

 Typical Course Sequence

1st Fall
HA 602: Introduction to Health Care Systems
HA 631: Organization Theory and Behavior
HA 645: Health Economics

1st Spring
HA 671: Health Care Marketing
HA 640: Introduction to Health Informatics
HA 620: Health Care Financial Management I

1st Summer
HA 612: Essentials of Health and Human Disease
HA 632: Quantitative Methods
HA 635: Human Resources Management in Health Services Administration

2nd Fall
HA 605: Health Policy
HA 637: Leadership
HA 621: Health Care Financial Management II

2nd Spring
HA 614: Process Improvement
HA 672: Health Care Entrepreneurship
HA 695: Independent Study - Special Topics

2nd Summer
HA 606: Operations Management
HA 613: Health Law
HA 625: Strategic Planning and Management
HA 655: Independent Study – Synthesis Course