PhD Program

Leadership in health care organizations is dependent on research and innovation. In response to this need, the Ph.D. Program in Health Services Administration offers students the chance to pursue the conceptual, philosophical, and applied aspects of administrative processes in health care.

The UAB Graduate School of Management and the Department of Health Services Administration offer the Ph.D. program jointly and cooperatively. Students usually have backgrounds in health administration, public health, business, finance, and economics. Other students include physicians and other clinical professionals. 

Students and faculty are involved in research projects funded by federal, state and local governments, leading foundations, and the health care industry. The small class sizes provide students with individualized mentoring relationships and opportunities to collaborate with faculty on scholarly research, publication, and presentations.

The program is interdisciplinary and provides students with opportunities to work with a variety of other departments and faculty members. Students are exposed to a wide range of academic expertise and experience as they concentrate in either strategic management or health services research. Graduates of the program are competent in both research and teaching and have taken teaching, research, and consultation positions throughout the country and internationally.

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