Program Structure

  • Graduate in Six Semesters - The MSHI Program can be completed in six semesters across 24 months.  All coursework is completed in the first five semesters.  You may elect to complete an administrative internship or a research project to fulfill graduation requirements.
  • Selective Admission Process - The MSHI Program faculty believes that recruiting students with a variety of professional and academic backgrounds – from clinical to technical to business to liberal arts – produces a diverse student cohort from which everyone has something to learn.  Upon completing the admission application, prospective students will interview (via telephone or in person, depending on their proximity to campus) with a faculty member, an alumna/alumnus and a current MSHI student.  These interviews ensure that we admit the most qualified, creative and motivated individuals who will make positive contributions to both the learning community and eventually, the health informatics profession.
  • Student Cohort Model - Our students are admitted to the MSHI Program in the Fall semester as a student cohort, meaning they will progress through the entire curriculum at the same pace, taking all their courses together.  We believe there is a great value in a cohort model because it not only brings consistency and familiarity, but encourages the development of sustaining relationships well beyond graduation.
  • Benefit from a Variety of Learning Resources at UAB - Our web-enabled course management software allows students to learn about new subjects by way of voice-over PowerPoint lectures, podcasts, web videos, and electronic links to thousands of electronic journals through UAB’s Lister Hill Library and collaboration by way of discussion threads, use of VOIP (voice over IP) technology, secure Instant Messaging (IM) and streaming video.

HIM Track Information

Please contact Kay Clements ( for more information regarding this track.