M.S. in Nutrition Sciences

education-missionThe M.S. in Nutrition Sciences program is designed specifically for registered dietitians or individuals with a B.S. in nutrition or a related field. The program provides training and experience related to treatment and prevention of disease through the science and art of optimal nutritional care.

The program prepares students for careers in research, education, or clinical subspecialty areas. Students learn the metabolic and biochemical basis for nutritional care while being involved in direct patient management in either laboratory or clinical research.


The program is designed to acquaint students with the general aspects of clinical nutrition, with opportunities for specialization within clinical subspecialty areas such as:

  • pediatrics;

  • children with special health care needs;

  • general clinical research;

  • wellness/prevention;

  • exercise science;

  • health education;

  • health services administration; and

  • public health.

Nutrition Sciences M.S. Program Curriculum  (admission requirements, program curriculum, and application procedure)

Tuition and Fees